Dead Hearts Short Film

Dead Hearts short film - Writing & Directed by Stephen W Martin.
I responsible for all 2D/3D Animations & Character Design Concept for the short film.
Animation sequences start at:
00:00, 09:51, 14:55

"Dead Hearts won big along the festival circuit, snagging Best Horror Comedy at Screamfest LA, Best Short Film at the New York Horror Film Festival, and 45 other awards having shown in over 150 festivals." -

It was a pleasure and fun project to work with, and Stephen is SUPER talented human being!!! =)
Here is some credits for the 2D/3D Animation & Visual Effect team:
3D Models & Texture: Joseph Tien
Extra-Storyboards: Joseph Tien, Linh Pham
3D/ 2D Animations: Linh Pham
Rigging: Linh Pham
2D Animation Design (characters & backgrounds): Linh Pham
Special Effects: Jean Sup
Visual Effects: Nishant Narang
Compositing: Jean Sup, Nishant Narang