How to look for your own artistic style?

Tutorial / 25 October 2018

Hello everyone,

I realize this is something very important to share to beginner or whom want to archive the career of being an artist one day. Which is AWESOME!

This question has bugging me everyday since I started my career. Not that I clearly found it, but it is getting closer and closer I can feel it.  I believe everyone has their own workflow differently than others. This is how I do and it feeds enough interests to keep me doing what I do everyday, seeing the future of how I may become. 

SO, lets read it together!!! 

  1. Knowing yourself, what you like most. 
  2. Have few collections of artworks you love for inspiration.
  3. Study your own self, what you love most from your favorite art collections?
  4. Apply what you love to your own drawings.
  5. Be comfortable with deleting a drawing, it will always get better with the second one.
  6. Have fun.
  7. Believe yourself.
  8. Understand your limit and push a little. It is about that "little push" will one day make you success. (I believe THIS)
  9. Make a list of what you want to draw, pick one and draw it.
  10. Do research before drawing.
  11. Look at favorite artworks for inspiration before starting the drawing.
  12. Take it easy. Remember to have fun.
  13. Do it not perfect.
  14. It is not about what you can draw, it is about what you want to draw.
  15. Questioning yourself - Do you have fun?

The most important thing is knowing about yourself, do it for yourself, have fun your own way, your own time. If you have a commission to make a drawing, draw the thing YOU LIKE or the way YOU WANT. Yes, repeat the list again to make sure me and you, we don't miss anything. ^^

One last word, please do not copy to publish other artist's works. They are their brain juice, their life and hard work over years to find their own voice. Plus, what a shame, right? 

I hope this post will help anyone struggles to find their artistic style. I am working on it. SO, LET'S PRACTICE TOGETHER!

Any questions please leave a comment here or on my Instagram account @linhillus . I always stay active on Instagram! ^^